Master's Theme and Schedule

Advancing Family and Systemic Therapy Worldwide: Innovations in Training, Supervision, and Practice

Revised:  19 March 2018
Day 1 - Morning (Dr. Bill Northey)

Practice Settings and Contexts: An International Perspective

• Practice and Training Needs
• Assessment Competency Identification and Development
• Strategies for Advancing Systemic Therapy

Day 1 - Afternoon (Dr. Dorothy Becvar)

The Future of Training and Supervision

• Systemic Theory and Application
• Model-based Supervision and Training
• The Use of Technology to Advance Family and Systemic Therapy 

Day 2 - Morning (Dr. William Northey)

Family and Systemic Therapy in Diverse Contexts

Practice/Training Sessions
• Agencies
• Institutes
•  Academic Program

Clinical Populations/Foci
• Mental Health Substance Abuse
• Children and Family Programs
• Medical
• School/Education
• Court System

Day 2 - Afternoon (Dr. Dorothy Becvar)

Critical Supervision: Mentoring and Ethics

• The Nuts and Bolts of Supervision
• Mentoring and Clinician Development
• Ethical Challenges in Diverse Contexts