Invitation Letter Request

Invitation Letters from the Institute can be sent to you by email as an attachment (please let us know if you need something different). The letters invite your participation in the Institute in order that you may apply for a Visa to enter Turkey.

Turkey strongly recommends that you apply for your visa, should you require one to come to Turkey, at least 8 weeks in advance of your departure date to ensure you receive it time for your travel. Processing times vary from mission to mission. Check the processing times for the mission responsible for processing your visa.

Before you apply for the Invitations Letters, you must pay for your Institute registration. Before going further in this process to request an invitation letter, click here to register for the Congress.

After registering, complete the form below and the Invitation Letters and other supporting letters will be sent to you to take to the embassy or consulate.

Be sure to include a copy of your registration receipt with the Invitation Letters when you bring your Visa application to the mission.
After you have paid your registration, Click Here to Request an Invitation Letter

Types of Visas and Fees

For more information on the types of Visas the Turkish government issues, the application process, the Visa requirements by country, fees and other Visa information, CLICK HERE.